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We understand that every dollar counts when it comes to your event so we strive to provide the right balance of free and affordable resources. However, we know the price will be more than made up by the time you save using our online tool as it is the only software you need to execute the perfect tournament. As a matter of fact we are depending on it, because your repeat business means everything to our team. If you ever need support in your decision or have questions, feel free to ask an expert.


Here are some frequently asked questions from customers, like you, that want to ensure they are making a good choice:

Why would I buy the premium version of your software if you give the website away for free?

We strive to strike the balance between getting you started and staying on track for free, and then for a premium making the whole process effortless. You are actually paying for our expertise because our software has been crafted by our experience in hosting tens of thousands of tournaments around the world. The fact that our premium software allows a tournament director to plan, budget, register, take payments and manage all aspects of their tournament from one tool is worth the price for the time savings alone. Just think, how valuable is an hour of your time… if we could save you ten hours is that worth $97? What if we could save you forty or more hours, is it worth it then? Our tournament directors return time and time again because between our software and event packages we save them, on average, a couple of weeks’ worth of time.

I am not tech savvy and neither are my participants/sponsors, how easy is your software to use?

Our software is based on simple question and answers, the templates we provide are ready made and have been used by thousands of tournaments over the last ten years. We have eliminated any learning curve with setting up a site. In addition our customer service reps are standing by to help you if you do have any questions. Our philosophy is that the software has to work for you not against you. If it takes you too much time to set up a site and your event packages then that takes away from the time you could be spending soliciting sponsors and recruiting players.

You offer the premium software for free with a $400 purchase, what if I have already paid for the software?

We understand that setting up a tournament is a unique process, some tournament directors like to get all of their sponsorships, event packages and content prizes set up before they build their marketing site so they can advertise them to prospective players. Other tournament directors like to set up their site, scout prize packages and sponsors separately. To help out tournament directors that choose to pull together events and prizes after establishing their site we are prepared to give a $100 discount on a future purchase above $400, please contact us to learn more about this option.

Can I test drive the software before I make a purchasing decision?

Absolutely, we allow tournament directors access to the software for two weeks to help them make the right decision. At that time you can decide if the value is there for you to purchase. Our mission is to ensure you make good decisions and have the best tournament experience possible because we rely on your repeat business and we all believe that once we show you how easy it is to set up and run an effective tournament you will want to do this every year, and your players and sponsors will want you to continue as well.

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