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Why ANYONE Can (and Should!) Organize a Golf Tournament

Here at Golf Digest Planner, we are dedicated to equip people with everything they need to plan a stellar golf tournament. However, for those who have never hosted a golf tournament before, or maybe never even attended a golf tournament before, you may be wondering why golf tournaments are one of the most popular and successful charity fundraising option. The truth is, golf tournaments are an incredibly easy and fun way to raise a significant amount of money for your organization, and you DON’T have to be a golfer in order to plan a successful event. All you need is to be organized and committed to a cause you care about. Below we have listed some reasons why planning a golf tournament may be the best next step for your non-profit or organization. 1.You want to boost participation in your cause- golf tournaments are great fundraising options because they are fun. If you snag an impressive golf course, people will be lining up to play in your tournament simply for the fact that they want to play at that course. Contributing to a good cause will be the icing on the cake in the beginning, after spending a day raising money for your cause, the players will almost certainly feel more attached to it and more willing to participate in future events. Grab their attention with golf, and then find a way to keep it for good!

2. You want to raise a lot of money – Golf tournaments are profitable, and at the end of the day, that is why they are so popular. With golf tournaments, you can charge an average of $125 per golfer, and can really kick up the price for sponsorships. That’s because sponsors know that with golf tournaments, they are getting an entire day of exposure with signs all over the course and at the awards ceremony.

3. You want to start an annual event for your organization – One of the best things about golf tournaments is that they turn into annual events more often than not. As one of our veteran tournament organizers Kathy Zornes described with her first time planning a tournament, guests will often suggest a second annual tournament even if it’s not your original intention. Once you get a successful tournament created, people will want to return year after year, and it’s a great way to create a lasting tradition for your organization that gives you a trademark stamp.

4. You want to have a social event for your group – Golf tournaments are inherently social, and people love to use golf outings as social and networking events. By allowing foursomes to register together, you can allow the guests to select the people they spend the day golfing with, and this is a huge plus for many registrants. Add a fun cocktail hour and awards ceremony after, and people will forget they are there to raise money!

5. You want to honor someone special- golf tournaments are a classic and respectable way to successfully honor a loved one or colleague. You can spend the day highlighting special things about that person, and cater contests or prizes to their memory. People often need an outlet to remember and grieve the person they lost, and community golf outings are a great option for this.

6. Golf Tournaments are easy to plan – especially with Golf Digest Planner by your side! Golf Tournaments take some organization and effort, but for the most part, you can follow a tried and true outline and make yours a success. Use our timeline to guide you in getting sponsors, ordering contests, getting your signage, and setting up on event day. There are so many resources out there for golf events, it’s hard to fail, and oh so easy to succeed!

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